Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Where have I been!? ..... like for siri and apple.

I'm sorry my posts have been, that the right word?
Lets all just assume thats the right word.
YAY! English language,

So, I have started a new project at university, at first, wasn't feeling it.
But now, I'm quite enjoying it!
I'm doing a collection about Lucid Dreaming and Sleep Paralysis.
Now I know what you may....or may not be thinking.
(I saw that eyebrow raise. stop it!)

"How would one take such an endless topic, and make clothes of such a thing!"
If you were a character from downtown abby maybe...or the queen.
Hey Queen if your reading!

How, is by simply reading about it and taking inspiration from the colours and textures that I feel evoke the stories people have sent into me (How kind of them, and thank you if you did and your reading, again, hey! - so many hello's today)

Apart from that a week prior I went to the Isles Of Scilly for the World Championship Gig Rowing event, lots of sport, lots of numbers, didn't understand a thing.
However!! I did look at what they were wearing and did some sketches, took some inspiration. I'm not particularly sporty in the way I design, but theres inspiration in most things! (inspirational quote there I think?)

And I guess I should end this post by saying.....
If you would like to see any of my work feel free to just comment and say something along the lines of......I want to see your work, orrrrrr YO, SHOW ME YA WORK! WERK! YAAAS. But one wouldn't approve I don't think (queen wave.)

Anyway! Heres 2 quick OOTD's - first outfit, all from top man.
2nd outfit T-shirt from the brand HYPE, jeans and shoes and sunglasses ...... Spin the wheel of brands, oh you guessed. TOPMAN! hooray! you won, nothing.

And with that, Goodbye Humans, sleep tight! 

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