Friday, 14 February 2014

Travelling & Vuitton


So today I just went in to collect some work.
And also I travelled home today! For the first time in a while.
Obviously because of the weather I had to get picked up.
Long car journeys....aren't they splendid? (debatable)
With my grandparents and mother making me laugh all the way.

So as always here is what I wore today...
Jumper and Jeans from Topman (isn't that a surprise) 
All black, surprise surprise!
This has to be one of my favourite outfits of mine. 
Although its simple, to me its fun...because I feel like a super spy! Kim Possible eat your heart out.

Now when I got home I was greeted with this beautiful box...
So as you can imagine I just about lost my shizznick! 
The way Louis Vuitton wrap there items is just impeccable.
Now the reason I was so surprised to find it so beautifully presented
was because I didn't order anything too extravagant! 

And inside was what I ordered...

A book to add to my collection of 3 other books that I own! hah!
I don't particularly like books, nor magazines (I don't own any magazines, they bore me)
But this book is so amazing! Especially for inspiration. The imagery is stunning
You can find this book on the Louis Vuitton website under the "Fine Books" section.
Their description of the book:
"A must have for art lovers"

My main surprise with this was that its so big! I brought this with intention to have it as a book that I can keep in my bag for some visual inspiration......but NOPE! this thing is like a bible! So warning if you do buy this book....Its not a light one. 

I hope you guys had an eventful day :)
If you would like me to post some images from within the book
so that you can decide before purchase as there really isn't anything on the web
that I could find. Had to buy it blind as they say.

Until next time