Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Rain and Burgers

So due to the weather folks
busy day has been cancelled!
We got our new project which is fun!
And so I shall show you my outfit,
(Jacket, jeans, top - Topman. Gloves - Vintage. Scarf - Charity Shop.)

Sass was included. bad weather didn't impress. 

So after getting our new project and because the weather was cold and wet.....and just unpleasent to say the least. Damn you mother nature!
Me and Sarah went to have dinner, in a place called Meat Counter.
The food was a-ma-zing. Definitely cheered us up I think!


The interior design of this place is so amazing! And so is the food. Its super fresh and succulent!
I love it here! And I recommend anyone in the area to definitely check it out!

SO that was a short post but as I said, today's weather hindered any exciting activities.
I hope you guys enjoyed nether the less.

Have an awesome day, hopefully a little dryer then mine was!