Monday, 17 February 2014

New Projects & Outfits

So I have been terribly busy with a new project.
Therefore I haven't had much time to myself!

But in the time that I do have I have been updating my lookbook :)
shameless self promotion, ha!

Here are a few looks from the last few days :)

The first outfit I wore when I went shopping with my sister, as I travelled up to see my family this weekend. It was lovely!
Lots of food, laughter, shopping and a nice warm house.
Can't ask for much more!

Jacket, shirt, jeans, shoes - Topman
Bag - Zara
Pocket Square - vintage

And now I'm back in Falmouth :)
So We have just started our new project, thats coming along like every project....slowly!
But I will get there.

Anyway, in my lunch break I decided to take a picture of my outfit :)

Jacket, shirt, jeans, shoes - Topman 
Bag - Zara
Scarf - Vintage 

And yes, we can all concur that I have a slight Topman addiction.

As for Photoshoots, I should have the images for the last shoot up very soon! And I shall be working on a new one on Wednesday! So that should be fun! 
And then the week after I am going to see my partner so....Lots of bloging and outfits!

So until then,
Goodbye for now


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