Saturday, 8 February 2014

A Busy, Busy Bee

Hello There!

So today was a long, long day. My feet, Have given up on me.
However, The outcome and the day its self was SO much fun!
I would prefer to be busy, than sat on my bottom playing Skyrim like a hermit anyway.
(don't get me wrong, that is my goal for tomorrow, for sure!)

So, to start my day...after showering, doing hair, putting on my face and brushing the nashers
you know, the usual.
Then comes the crucial time to pick the outfit!
So here is my OOTD - outfit of the day. (Jeans, jumper and scarf - TOPMAN. Jacket - God knows)

So then I went on my merry old way.
Now if your in the UK at the moment, specificity Cornwall. You know that the weather
has been....less then desirable shall we say? So me hoping for a bus, ASAP, was apparently
not going to happen. And didn't happen for over 30 mins.

Now when I finally got to my location, It was time to work!
I was doing makeup on two shoots, at the same time. As well as touch ups, helping with a bit of styling and hair on one of them. The photographers are:
-Natalie J Reading,
Model: Cleo Lim
Makeup: Joshua Mitchell-Fowle
Styling: Harry Bartlett
Photography Assistant: Danielle Wren

-Jack Coding, Models: Unknown

And Here are some behind the scenes of the shoots, me working away and obviously, a photoshoot isn't a photoshoot unless you have a little fun!

Serious Face! 

Oh Cleo! 
Selfies Did Happen, No Shame! 

And then Off I Go Again! Next Photoshoot! 


Final Images from the photoshoots will be uploaded when fully edited :) 

And now I'm at home enjoying some Lemon Green Tea, splendid and well deserved. 

I hope you guys and girls enjoyed my first actual post!

And until next time
Sleep Well! I know I will!

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